The Corporate SEO Company is Search Engine Optimisation …Redefined

We’ve worked for some big names. Recognise anyone?

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Why Choose Corporate SEO?

A Business With Heart.

SEO is in our name, and boosting website traffic is our game. We have our main offices in Sydney, Australia. We exist to put our clients visibly on Google. But it is our vision, the founding principle of our company, which drives us in our work. Our daily grind is firmly rooted in this social responsibility. When you contract us to do search engine optimisation work for you, in effect, you are helping to free slaves all over the world, especially young girls sold into sex slavery. With your consent, and after seeing results, of course—at no extra cost to you—we award 10% of your fee to charities supporting our vision. So that, as we help your website get top rankings, you also help us achieve Our Vision. Our clients have found a deep feeling of satisfaction in knowing that their business is helping to make a difference in the lives of many others, millions in fact. So your marketing business may be based in Sydney, for instance, but your impact will be felt in many parts of the world struggling with slavery.

Customised Solutions.

We don’t just take the same plan and shove it down everybody’s throat. We have been doing this for fourteen solid years. And if our background on online marketing, Corporate IT, Risk Management, and Search Engine Optimisation, among other things, has taught us anything, it is that each client is unique. We have dealt with clients from a wide range of businesses and products—insurance, health supplements, computers, real estate, engine motors, printers, etc. – and understand that, just like us, each client, each website, has its unique quirks. We do offer basic plans, but we rarely ever give the same array of services to clients. Meaning that, because your business is unique, your needs are unique, too; we build up on a basic search engine optimisation plan, shaping and tweaking it to give you one that best suits your own website’s specific needs. We consult with you on these needs; we listen as you outline to us what you want to achieve and how far you want to go to achieve it. On our part, we respond by offering you an assessment of where you stand in terms of visibility on the web and, based on that assessment, propose varied SEO activities you can choose from. You decide if you want to have a short- or long-term relationship with us. You may choose just one service, or all. You tell us. And in return, we, the SEO geeks, do the work for you while you sit back and watch as you rise up on the search pages. We will make it our business to know the inside–out of your website so we can give you the ultimate results: increased traffic and visibility.

First-Page Results

  • Are you looking for help getting results for your online business?
  • Don’t find your own website on the top search page of Google?
  • Struggling to cope with handling stresses of keeping a marketing website on track?
  • Still smarting from the bite of an SEO shark that sank its teeth into your business without delivering on its promise?
  • Wanting to increase web traffic to your site and don’t know the first thing about it, but you’ve once been bitten, and so now you’re twice shy?

The buck stops here with Corporate SEO. There is nowhere better to bring your search engine optimisation troubles.

SEO Health Check only $197!

Get an expert review of your website! We’ll analyse your site and report on:

Page Structure

Website Content

Site Authority

Social Engagement

Your SEO Services Company

If you’re not already familiar with the marketing strategies that a company uses to boost traffic to its website, you will find our site service pages helpful. We have outlined the marketing strategies we utilise to get our clients onto the first search page of Google. Our team has compiled these strategies all these years by watching how a search engine works (not just one really, but all those that matter) and translating this knowledge into traffic for your marketing business. So these have been tried and tested, over and over, and proven to give and sustain traffic to a clients’ website. YOUR website could be the next on the top if you act now.

If you prefer to get in touch with someone on our team in Sydney directly, you may send us an email by clicking on our Contact button. You may also opt to give us a call also at our Sydney office, at the number provided at the top-right corner of our homepage. But then a search of our website also gives you access to information as to our SEO services which will be decidedly useful to you in marketing your product/s on your site. So if you can’t get to us in Sydney, you can go over the information we’ve set here. We go into detail on each service that we provide, as well as the extras that we can put in, should you need them, in our Services section. We give this summary below however to give you a glimpse of what we do that has gotten our clients the much-coveted spot in their niche: Google Search first page.

Your Personalized Website Strategy

We have structured a basic SEO plan for our clients, but what we usually do is personalize it to the website we will be working on. So you can ramp your plan up or down, according to your own website needs. So let’s start up the engine and examine the services we offer.

    • Keywords. So this is how it works. Our Keyword Research service is basic. We get all the information we need from your own website, doing a search for relevant content, and once we have what we need, we do our magic with it; then we come up with the most effective keywords. Then, we move on to Keyword Promotion. When you choose from our list of keywords, we give you a quote based on how many of these keywords you are promoting in your own website and their “Rankability.” We promote these keywords primarily through our Link Rental Service, which has the benefit of getting faster results as we have pre-existing high-authority links. In effect, you don’t wait long before traffic begins to pick up at your website. In your search for a reputable SEO company, you may have come across the time most SEO companies let you wait before you can start seeing results, which is generally six to twelve months. That is not the case with us. At day 1, you benefit from pre-built links so that we can promise you earlier results. For more specifics on these two basic SEO services, please try our Services link.

    • Optimisation Reports and Rank Monitoring. Our Service Page will also give you a full idea of how optimization and rank monitoring are done in SEO. But briefly here, this is where we analyse your web page for THE ranking factors to use. Based on this, we recommend a list of changes you can follow to get your ranking up. And, on a daily basis, your ranking is monitored for each keyword for the search engine or search engines involved. Every week, we give you feedback on how the website you own has fared.

    • Google Analytics, Sitemap submission and Webmaster tools. Yes, everyone into SEO knows the yardstick is Google. If you’d like to take the time, you may check the accuracy of the report we give you with regard to your website ranking, and you can go through each search engine, enter each keyword, and search for their occurrences. But that won’t give you the assurance that search results equate with actual traffic to the website you own. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools give you that, and more. If you’re familiar with these SEO tools, we don’t need to tell you that this gives you an idea of how you can tap into your prospective customers’ interest as well as give you crucial information on concerns which may be affecting your own website’s ranking. If you haven’t used these, click on our website Services link and search there for the information as to how to gain access.

    • Competitor Strategy Analysis. Also at our SEO services section, and more comprehensively, we take up how we do competitor strategy analysis for an online marketing website like yours. We look into Who’s Who in your field of business and check out the search engine optimization strategies they applied that have brought them results. We do in-depth research on what needs changing in the website you own so that you can make changes accordingly. Checking out your competition offers you a gateway into the SEO Best Practices they employ. And all you have to do is follow their footsteps. In this way, the website you own gets the benefit of gaining from our SEO expertise as well as the experiences of those who are at the top.

    • Articles. The basic SEO services plan also includes content building and posting articles on your own website. While it is ideal to come up with your own content, we’ve realized that a lot of our clients have little time to squeeze out their own creative juices, and so we have linked up with some writers who are also veterans in SEO work, and understand the value of keyword relevance in bringing traffic to your website. If you search for higher-end writing, we may also arrange it for you. But the idea here is to produce keyword-targeted content for the website you own so you will not be far off from your targeted traffic.

  • Google+ Page and Maps Optimisation. Another strategy that will help bring traffic to your website is utilizing your Google+ page which we create for you. We will use it effectively so that Google knows everything about your online marketing business. We will even include in your package your Google Places Optimisation so you get a red balloon on the Google Map. This may not seem like much to you, but if you’re operating a business that’s local, let’s say in Sydney, as we are, you would want to show up on that map when your customers search for you. Nifty, eh?

  • SEO Consulting. Whenever something comes up and you need an expert SEO ear to listen, you need not search anywhere else. We can give you the time you need, depending on your plan. For anything SEO under the planet, we will be at hand to give you the advice you need. Plus, of course, we have some extra SEO services you can go over at our Services Page, and add those to your basic SEO plan.

Corporate SEO Is For Real

When you ask the ‘How,’ we can give you the steps, up to the teeny-weeny details. Because we’ve simply been there and know how the engine can be made to run. We’ve done all the search possible; we’ve tried every engine in SEO we’ve come across. We can tell you upfront what works for the website you own and what doesn’t. We aren’t just making this up as we go along. We’ve blazed a beaten path down this SEO highway! We have all the bumps and calluses to show for the SEO hours we’ve logged on our computers and websites. And besides that, you can actually pay us a visit any time you are in Sydney. We will welcome you to our physical offices. Look for us in Google Maps. We will show you where we pound out the work we do for our clients, day in, day out. Although we do most of our work online, it would bring us much pleasure if you come in today and tell us how your business is doing, and if you need any of our SEO services, we would be delighted to accommodate you. After all, at the end of the day, it all goes down to how much SEO we’ve done to help turn around your online marketing business…and of course, how far we’ve gone to bring to the fore our fight against slavery. Help us end it.

Your search is over.