Why Corporate SEO Exists

Sydney SEO Paul Harvey

One of our very passionate Business Development Managers, Paul Harvey, pumped out 10,000 push-ups to raise awareness about the issue in 2011. He’s devoted the rest of his life to ending sex slavery. More »

Did you know there are 27 million slaves being exploited right now in 135 countries around the world? The obscene injustice of slavery can and must be stopped, and Corporate SEO was founded with this one purpose in mind. It’s a great feeling to get a website on top of Google, but using our Internet Marketing skills to make a lasting impact on the world… now that’s priceless.

Reducing inequity is the highest human achievement. ~ Bill Gates

Our Reason

Right now, children are being worked to death by age 14 picking the cocoa that goes into some of the chocolate we eat, and girls as young as 6 are being sold into forced prostitution and internet porn businesses. The average price of a slave has fallen to US $90, and in some countries you can buy a slave for only $40. Children are sold to fishermen in Ghana, never taught to swim, and thrown overboard to untie fishing nets with rocks tied to their ankles. Nobody cares if they don’t make it back up. It seems that people have become as expendable as paper cups.

The Figures

The global slave trade generates 90 billion dollars of profit each year. 4% of these are trafficked sex slaves, but they account for 40% of the profit. In western countries, you can buy a trafficked sex slave that’s been “broken in” (don’t ask what that means – you’ll lose your lunch!) for around $5,000 to $15,000, and put her straight to work earning $150,000 to $200,000 a year. No wonder it’s nudging drug trafficking off the prime position as the most profitable illegal industry on the planet.

The Cure

But the good news is that it’s entirely solvable. Sure, it’s complex, but the world experts agree that we can knock this social disease into oblivion in the next 20-25 years.  The same way William Wilberforce did a hundred years ago: raising public concern about the issue, which forces governments to act.
Sure, 29 million is the highest number of slaves the world has ever seen, but it’s also the smallest percentage of the population.
Dr Kevin Bales of Free The Slaves estimates the average cost to free a slave is $387. That’s not just rescue, but full rehabilitation and life-skills training. So the cost to free 29 million slaves is $11 billion. At a global level, that’s pocket change. It’s how much Australians spend on online purchases each year. It’s how much we earn from pokies each year. It’s what Americans spend on potato chips and pretzels, and ironically, how much they spend on self-help products. It’s Queensland’s budget for health, and the size of the alleged miscounting in the Opposition’s budget. It’s also what we’re likely to make from the Carbon Tax.

Your Part

After we’ve proven our worth, we give all our new customers the opportunity to donate 10% of their fees (at no cost to them) towards ending slavery or poverty, the key driver behind slavery. Our customers love the idea of contributing to our vision, and they enjoy sharing with others how their internet marketing is making a difference in the world. Click here to see our impact to date.
Slavery, like extreme poverty, is a social disease that’s sitting right on the edge of the cliff.  Working together, we can, and will, push it over the edge in the next 25 years.
We’re passionately getting the word out about human trafficking. If that resonates with you, then let us get the word out about your business.

These delightful little girls make us sick every time we see them, but they sure remind us of the reason we’re in business:

“If I can rescue one girl…”