20 June 2012
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Why Local SEO will grow your business

Any type of business can benefit from search engine optimisation. Even local businesses like yours, from sparkies & plumbers to conveyancers & bike shops, can achieve business growth from search engine optimisation (SEO). Because of the significant impact it will have on your bottom line, Corporate SEO includes local SEO in all packages.

Local Search Engine Optimisation: What it Is

Local search engine optimisation (SEO) is a form of local online marketing which is highly effective in promoting local businesses or services to local customers at the exact moment they are searching for it. Local SEO utilises various business directories as the Yellow Pages, StartLocal, HotFrog and TrueLocal and search engines such as Google while millions of local customers every day rely on their services to search out the best local businesses in their localities. Using local SEO for your local marketing needs takes the guesswork out of it. This is because local SEO does not rely on the usual strategies out there which are decidedly hit-and-miss attempts at attracting local customers like advertising through the local paper and massive leaflet distribution which are not effective in reaching the customers that need you, when they need you. A local SEO approach makes your local business visible and available to the exact customers demanding your type of service who need to buy it now, in real time. Thus, local search engine optimisation puts your business out there not only for online customers but for ‘real customers’. And what’s more; it is not only your website being promoted online but your business as well, meaning your name and the services you provide, your physical address and contact details. Local online marketing promotes your business not only for visits to your website and online sale and visibility, but also to bring in actual visits to your door!

10 reasons why local SEO will grow your business

1) Local business online search is up by Fifty-Eight Percent

In 2008/2009, the number of “local searches,” searches that included locations in them, grew by fifty-eight percent, which was more than double the growth in general search. This shows that more & more people are turning to search engines to seek information regarding local businesses.

2) Local customers are now relying on the Internet to get hold of information on local businesses

Sixty-four percent of local customers mainly utilise online search engines and directories to find local business, and only 28 % of people use old paper directories as their preferred source of local information.

3) The timeliness and targeted approach of local search marketing

The best time to connect with your potential business clients is when they need you. Online approaches making use of online directories & local search engines put your business within the reach of clients at the exact time they are looking for your service.

4) The growth of mobile Internet use

The newest trend in mobile phone use is through phone ‘apps’ designed to locate local businesses especially for people who are constantly on the move. And as local SEO reaches both personal computer & mobile Internet access, this ensures that your business never misses out on a potential client.

5) Great ROI

Unlike in traditional advertising strategies (e.g. leaflet distribution, local paper ads, etc.), there is very little exposure wasted in local search engine optimisation. Local SEO is effective and cost-effective because your potential customers can reach you at the time they need your service, not when they don’t.

6) Very few businesses have claimed local listings at Google

Since many businesses have not yet caught on with online marketing, just a mere 10 % of local businesses are listed at Google Places. This gives you the opportunity to get ahead before your competitors get a whiff of it. In a short time, competition may get tougher in your niche, and you wouldn’t want to be last in the race.

7) Local paper readership is down by 80%

The Internet has become a main source of news for most people, and so, readership of local papers has gone down significantly in the last two decades. Putting an ad then in your local newspaper may become a losing end, especially as more people are also turning to the Internet to find local deals and businesses.

8) SEO has the highest conversion levels

Of all local advertising channels, local directory marketing has higher conversion rates than other traditional options—up to 50% conversion on some directories, which means that, out of two leads, you’ll convert one into an actual customer.

9) Many of the best local SEO opportunities are free (for now!)

It’s free to claim your listing in Google maps (called Google Places) and to list your business in hundreds of online business directories. That’s free promotion for your business, but it may not be free forever.

10) Online business reviews are trusted by Seventy Percent of local consumers

Even in the advent of online marketing and advertising, for many businesses, word of mouth is still playing a major factor in their success. You can generate countless new clients, too, by the strength of the online reviews you can get from your trusted clients.

Act Now

It would give you a decided advantage to take your business in hand and give it the boost it needs to put—and keep—you ahead of your competition, that is, before they wise-up to it and move past you instead. These trends may only become more significant to your business with time. So why wait?