Corporate SEO Process


    • We analyse your position in the online marketplace, including supply and demand for several hundred of the most relevant & popular search terms.  We assess the level of competition for each of these by examining the top 10 websites for each one, rating how well SEO’d they are, boiling this down into a short list of the juiciest terms to target.
    • And we continually monitor the trends in SEO to stay on top of the game.


    • We report on technical issues with your website that are holding back your rankings.
    • We optimize your Google+ page(s) so you’ll be found.
    • We set up Google Authorship to build trust and authority in Google’s eyes.


    • In the new world of SEO, Content is King.  Your content must be engaging, relevant and helpful to comppete in today’s market.  We work together with you to create videos, articles, hints & tips in the most cost effective & timely manner.  This ranges from advising your in-house writers to managing completely done-for-you solutions.


    • We promote your great content through Social Media Automation, Manual Backlinking, Directory Submissions, Article Distribution, including citations of your physical address to get you on the map, and YouTube promotion.


    • Each week, we monitor your ranking on Google & Bing (Yahoo is just a copy) and provide a variety of reports to help make sense of it all.  We can also monitor your key competitors, so we can see when they’ve increased their investment in SEO and are about to surpass you.
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation is the last bit in this puzzle. You have what is called a conversion problem if visitors don’t actually buy, in spite of thousands visiting your site. We can help you sort through what works and what doesn’t with a variety of tools we use for this purpose, such as A/B split testing, micro-surveys, multivariate testing, and engagement heat maps.