What’s your SEO ROI? Calculate it here…

Looking for a rough idea of whether Search Engine Optimisation will work for you? This SEO ROI calculator will help you measure the lifetime value of a customer, estimate a rough ROI for your SEO investment, and give you a break-even point of how many new customers you’ll need each month for your investment to pay for itself. Also try SitePosition’s excellent ROI calculator.  
Open Google’s Keyword Tool and enter at least three sample keywords that you’d like us to promote. These will be refined during our Keyword Research, but right now we just need a sample to estimate the average search volume in your industry. Using Google Keyword Tool before the SEO ROI Calculator
Click Search then look in the rightmost column for the number of Local Monthly Searches for your sample keywords. Where to find the Local Monthly Searches for the Corporate SEO ROI Calculator
Use these figures to complete the form on the right.
Your results will show on the next page.
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