Plan Inclusions

Keyword Research

We’ll identify the most effective keywords to target, from which you choose your shortlist.

Our Research department will extract the keywords from your website, your Analytics history, your META tags, and your suggestions. We’ll draw on our extensive search marketing experience to augment this list with a variety of creative alternatives that people might use to find you. We then feed these through several systems, including Google’s own LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) algorithm, to harvest all related keywords. We’ll add common variants, add your target localities, and generate every conceivable word order to produce an extensive list of possible search terms. We then research the top 10 competitors for each search term to determine the likelihood of getting your site on Page 1 of Google, which we call “Rankability.”

Finally, we assess the commercial viability of each keyword, and produce a short list of high-traffic search terms for you to build your site around. This will give you a clear indication of market supply & demand, and with some of your basic sales figures, even an estimated Return On Investment.

Keyword Promotion

The core of our pricing structure revolves around how many keywords you’re promoting, and their “Rankability” as calculated during Keyword Research. Your quote assumes that you’ll just be focussing on easy keywords, and you can add/remove keywords any time on a pro-rata basis. If you want to include difficult keywords, then we’ll understandably have to double the price. Most customers choose between 12 and 24 keywords.

Our primary promotion method is our Link Rental Service. Where the usual build-as-you-go SEO takes 6-12 months to deliver a result, our Link Rental Service delivers faster results, because you get the benefit of our prebuilt high-authority links from day one. This does take some setup, however, so you’ll pay double in the first month.

Web Page Optimisation Reports

Analyses your web page for 110 ranking factors, and provides a detailed list of the changes you can make to improve your rankings. Also identifies opportunities to optimise your site’s HTML code – such as structural problems, speed issues, and coding bugs.

Weekly Rank Monitoring

Every day, we monitor where you’re ranking for each of your keywords across each chosen search engine, so we’ll be the first to know when anything changes. Once a week, these are posted on your private link on our website, showing a history of your ranking for all of your keywords across all relevant search engines.

Google Analytics

Sure, you can verify our ranking reports by looking up each of your search terms on each search engine, but how can you be sure that’s actually translated into people visiting your website? Google Analytics shows you what your visitors were looking for, where they came from, what they looked at, and where they left – valuable insights into how you can better engage your potential customers. If you’re not already using this impressive free tool, we’ll get you set up with Google Analytics. We’ll also configure your Google Analytics account to track the metrics that are most important to your business.

Google Sitemap Submission

This ensures that Google has the full picture of all the content on your website. This is especially important once we’ve created keyword-targeted landing pages that don’t show up in the menu.

Google Webmaster Tools

Another pivotal part of getting your Google ducks in a row is registering with their Webmaster Tools. This provides invaluable insights into what keywords people are using to find you, and is Google’s way of providing feedback to you about any issues that might be pulling down your rankings.

Competitor Strategy Analysis

Who are you competing with online? It’s not just the guys down the road. Who is already at the top of Google, and how did they get there? Our priceless research studies the SEO strategies employed by the most successful companies in your field, and highlights what parts of your site you need to change to rank among the winners.

This is my personal favourite, because it’s pure gold. Over the last decade of providing SEO services, we’ve gotten a good feel for the most important ranking criteria, so the lower end plans get this basic set of website optimisations that work most of the time. But Google applies different ranking criteria to every keyword, so the standard rules don’t always apply. The only way to know for sure is to analyse your competition, and reverse engineer Google’s ranking criteria for each individual keyword.

So if you have 20 keywords, we’ll compile 20 different reports, each analysing the top 10 competitors for that keyword, assessing 110 separate ranking criteria in painstaking detail, and boiling all these statistics down into a concrete set of website changes that you can send straight to your web developer, to create the perfectly optimised page.

What’s the shortcut to success? Copy the people that have succeeded already!

Keyword Targeted Articles

While it’s best to have you write your own content, a lot of our customers just don’t have the time to sit down and wax poetically about their business. So we’ve organised a bulk discount with some quite reasonable writers, who would be only too glad to write about your business for you, which we’ve included in your plan. They’re also SEO savvy, so they’ll make sure their article contains a good mix of the relevant keywords. For higher quality work, such as sales pages, or the front page of your website, we can also organise professional copywriters at a great price.

Google+ Page Optimisation

What better way to tell Google about your business than through their own Google+ platform? We will not only create your Google+ page, but we’ll also optimise it so that Google knows, without any shadow of doubt, what your business is about, all the sites where you’re active, and what keywords to rank you for.

Google Maps Optimisation

If most of your customers are local, then it’s crucial that you show up well on the map. If you don’t have one of those red balloons, you might as well not be online.

Google Places Optimisation shares a number of factors in common with Search Engine Optimisation; however there are some key differences that not all SEO companies understand. We will create and/or optimise your Google Places page, as part of your package.

Google Authorship

Have you seen the little photos of people showing up against some search results? Wasn’t your eye drawn to that entry, even though it wasn’t at the top? We’ll show you how to get your cheesy grin next to your website, to add that personal touch that draws the eye.

SEO Consulting

Yes, you get to bend the ear of one of our expert SEOs for one hour per month, or more, depending on your plan.  Need expert tuition in on-page optimisation?  Want to learn how to optimise your Social Media accounts for greatest leverage?  Give us a call, and we’ll talk you through it.

WordPress Health

While WordPress is the best platform for building your website, due to its excellent support and great SEO plugins, its popularity also means it’s a big target for hackers.  So it’s important to keep your website up to date with the latest security patches.  If you have a WordPress site, we’ll organise this for you, and perform regular offsite backups.   We’ll also tell you if your site goes down, regardless of whether you use WordPress or not.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s right; we put our money where our mouth is.  If we can’t deliver at least one first page ranking to you in 90 days, we’ll refund everything you’ve paid.  Normal SEO takes 6-12 months, but the power of our Link Rental Service (our secret sauce) gives us the confidence to guarantee our work.

30% of Profits to End Slavery

That’s right, 30%.  And we hope it will be more soon.  You see, we’re not your average for-profit business.  We were built from the ground up to free the world’s 27 million slaves.  And by partnering with us, you’re helping to set these people free.  Did you know that the global average cost to fully free and rehabilitate a slave is $387?  We can, and will, end slavery.  See


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

A conversion problem happens when no actual buying occurs even though thousands may have reached your site. Our understanding of the psychological fundamentals of CRO will point you in the right direction, but you’ll also need to test & measure a plethora of different layouts, titles, colours and images to see what gets the phone ringing best.

The average website converts 2.5% of its visitors. The average CRO’d website converts 5% to 25% of its visitors. How would that impact your bottom line?

Through engagement heat maps, multivariate and A/B split testing, and micro-surveys, we’ll help you identify what works and what doesn’t on your site, with cold hard stats.

Silo Site Restructuring

Google is always looking for the most relevant content to put on top. And siloing is a killer strategy that gives the Googlebot exactly what it’s looking for: A website that’s all about the one core topic, and is serious enough about it to organise their site into a well-structured hierarchy. Then, by carefully directing your link juice through a silo structure and feeding it back to the home page, your website becomes a ranking force to be reckoned with. This is so powerful that you can get on the first page using just this strategy alone. An absolute must for competitive fields.

Digital Strategy Review

One of our senior SEO analysts will meet with you to review your website’s progress, discuss the latest developments in your business and in digital marketing, and then revise your digital marketing strategy in light of these changes.

Business Directory Submissions

We list your business on hundreds of Australian and international business directories, rapidly adding credibility to your online presence. Beware – the phone will start ringing with all kinds of offers from India and the Philippines, but this is good news, because your business is finally on the radar.

Search Engine Submissions

Google isn’t the only search engine out there. We can submit your site to over a hundred search engines, to quickly increase the visibility of your website.

Backlink Volume Boosting

There are many different kinds of links to your site (backlinks), and it’s important to maintain a broad spectrum of links to your site. Sometimes your rankings will drop for no other reason than your older backlinks having expired. Obviously the stronger manual & high authority backlinks will make the most difference, but if you don’t also have solid consistent growth in “background noise” this looks unnatural. So we give you a broad spectrum of links, from guest posting blogs, wikis, web 2.0 sites, shared articles, directory listings, comments, press releases, social bookmarks, RSS feeds, PDFs, images and more. And while we’re adding volume, we can also dilute any imbalances in your anchor text distribution.

While they’re not for everyone, these automated low-grade backlinks can provide a natural looking backdrop for the more important backlinks. By prescription only.

High Authority Backlinks

If you already have a strong backlink profile, and we can find the right links on highly authoritative domains, you may only need a dozen of these really strong backlinks to rank on the first page. As you can imagine, these backlinks are pretty rare, so come at quite a premium. But for highly competitive keywords, these “big guns” are the best way to muscle your way to the top.

High Relevancy Manual Backlinking

Our staff can find and create the most relevant backlinks to your site, by joining the most relevant discussions in your industry, to help boost your brand in these key marketplaces.

Our professional SEO team search for authoritative partner sites in the same field as yours, and offer them creative content that will improve their site, in exchange for a link back to your site. The only way to create this kind of quality is by hand, so we dedicate staff to this task full time.

Social Media Buzz

The last (and soon to be the most important) type of backlink is Social Media. This is not only helpful in customer acquisition, but Google also ranks the socially active sites higher in its search results. Again, it’s automated, but with a clever human twist:

Imagine you are sitting in a fishing boat with your line in the water. Your line only goes so deep, and there’s a whole chunk of ocean you can’t reach. Our deep-sea robots trawl the wider internet for people discussing your field, and offer little tid-bits of information to your prospects to see if they’ll bite. As soon as they bite, they send the fish up to you to continue the discussion. So you can now fish in the whole ocean.

Ad-hoc SEO Consulting

Any consulting time outside of your allotted hours will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

Competitor Tracking

How are your competitors faring? Who’s been spending more on SEO recently, and is likely to bump you off? We can regularly track your competitors each week, across all your search terms and search engines, so you can take action before they overtake you.

Twitter Marketing

These days, if your business is not on Twitter, you’re not online. We expand your internet presence into the twittersphere, expanding your following and providing your tweeps with regular updates and news about your business.

Give us 50-100 useful tips related to your business, and we’ll build you a Twitter following of several thousand prospects that have been tweeting about topics relevant to your industry. Add in a few special offers, and you’ll be able to draw on a brand new pool of prospective customers.

Pinterest/Instagram Marketing

If you’re in a visual industry such as food, fashion, travel, or eCommerce, all we need are your best 100 images, and we’ll broadcast these all over Pinterest, each with a link back to your site, and soon you’ll have hundreds or thousands of prospective customers sharing and repinning your pictures. Perhaps you don’t have a visual industry, but you do have a list of inspiring quotes, relevant to your business? We can turn these into picture quotes, branded with your logo, and get folks sharing your inspiring messages across the net in just the same way.

Digital Marketing Review

A member of our Business Development team will meet with you to review your website’s progress, discuss the latest developments in your business and in digital marketing, then revise your digital marketing strategy in light of these changes.

Video Marketing

We’ll work with you to create a series of helpful short videos addressing your potential customer’s needs. We’ll digitally master them for you, promote them across the full breadth of digital media channels, and package them together into an unbeatable lead generation strategy.

YouTube Promotion

We recently acquired the technology to rapidly launch videos onto the first page of YouTube.  And because Google owns YouTube, that may also mean you’re also on the first page of Google.  If you have a great video that has the potential of going viral, talk to us about giving it the launch it deserves.